Whistleblower Protection


Any organizational personnel including Trustees and officers, paid staff, and volunteers who provide substantial services to the library are covered by this policy. Trustees and the Director are also tasked with administration of this policy.

Statement of Purpose

In safeguarding the public trust, adherence to all relevant legal statutes and ethical standards uphold the integrity of the organization. The library creates and maintains a culture of trust and integrity by ensuring that those concerned with the organization’s adherence to regulations and ethical standards are protected from reprisal. Trust in use of public funds, custodianship of the facility, and responsible management of library staff ensure ongoing investment by the public.


Any library personnel including paid staff and volunteers who are aware of a policy or actions that violate laws or the library’s Code of Ethics are required to file a confidential written report summarizing their concerns with a Trustee within 30 days of witnessing the alleged misconduct. The Trustee in receipt of the report will maintain the confidentiality of the complainant, the existence of the allegation, and circumstances related to the filing of the written report except as needed in order to properly investigate the issue.

The investigation should be conducted and concluded within 30 days of receipt of the written report or as soon as possible otherwise. The investigation will include a review and documentation of applicable policies and procedures of the library including notation of where the alleged actions are in conflict; additional policies or regulations that apply to the library may also be referenced. Assessment of the concerns of the complainant should be conducted in the most confidential manner possible. The final report of the investigation including recommended actions should be submitted to the Finance Committee or an ad hoc committee appointed for the purposes of addressing the complaint. The Board of Trustees then review the report and make final, binding determinations including but not limited to termination of business relationships, criminal complaints, etc.  Any form of retaliation including intimidation, harassment, and discrimination toward the original complainant will not be tolerated and may be treated as additional breach of trust.


All library personnel including paid staff, volunteers, contractors, and Board members are subject to this policy and responsible for providing written report of infractions to an uninvolved Trustee. Any Trustee or the Library Director may accept written reports to forward along where appropriate. The Library Director or a designee is responsible for providing documents related to the policy to the concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy.

Approved: 9/13/2012

Revised: 6/13/2019