Travel Reimbursement


Reimbursement for appropriate, work-related travel is available to library personnel including employees, trustees, and volunteers. Expenses such as mileage, lodging, and food are all eligible for reimbursement. This policy serves to establish the standards for eligible travel and includes references to federal reimbursement standards, guidance on mileage thresholds from New York State, and the library’s interpretation thereof. Generally, travel expenses incurred in the course of providing programing and outreach or receiving training, attending meetings or other professional development are the subject of this policy.

Statement of Purpose

Serving everyone in our communities at times involves moving outside the library’s walls in order to deliver information, technology and enriching opportunities. Outreach services, promotional events, networking, workshops, classes and programs may entail travel at some point. Professional development and partnership opportunities often involve leaving the library in order to take advantage of outside perspectives. This policy provides structure for library personnel to manage reimbursement of expenses incurred in travel outside of regular responsibilities within the library.


Library personnel traveling for official library purposes are encouraged to bear in mind that all expenses incurred make use of public funds; due care and consideration should be exercised to safeguard the public trust. All reimbursable travel arrangements should be made in advance and with consultation with supervisory personnel where possible.

Library personnel using a personal vehicle while traveling on assignment at a location more than 35 miles from both the library and their home are eligible for reimbursement of travel expenses. While commuting is not reimbursable, travel between the library or home and an alternate location for assigned duties is eligible for reimbursement. For travel involving an alternate work location within the 35 mile range, the lesser mileage between locations is used for determining the reimbursement amount. Mileage is reimbursed per mile at the rate set by the US Internal Revenue Service. Toll charges are reimbursable from receipts for cash or EZ Pass statements with applicable charges indicated.

Where it is in the best economic interest of the library, use of a rental vehicle or common carrier such as a train, bus, taxicab or airplane, may be preferable to use of a personal vehicle. Any such ticket or fare purchases should be made using eligible municipal contract rates or the otherwise most economical option; gasoline purchases for rental car use is reimbursable.

When travel must begin more than one hour prior to the equivalent, typical workday start, meal reimbursement is available for breakfast. Similarly, when travel will entail return to home more than two hours later than the equivalent, typical workday end, meal reimbursement is available for dinner. When travel includes an overnight stay, dinner the day of travel and breakfast the next morning are valid reimbursement claims. In the case of repeated overnight stays where not included in other conference-related fees, breakfast, lunch, and dinner expenses for intermediary days are also eligible for reimbursement. Where such meals are included in fees otherwise paid, the meal cost is deducted from the overall reimbursement using the Meals and Incidental Expenses Breakdown chart provided by the US General Services Administration.

Lodging expenses are reimbursed up to the maximum rate set for the regional or city destination as set by the US General Services Administration. Library personnel arranging for overnight travel are advised to secure lodging at the federal rate.

Lodging rates and meal per diem rates can be found at:; the Meals and Incidental Expenses Breakdown is located at the same web resource.

The following types of expenses are not eligible for reimbursement:

Parking tickets Damage to personal vehicles
In-room movies Recreation or sporting event tickets
Extension of travel for personal reasons Travel expenses of a spouse
Alcoholic beverages  

Reasonable exceptions to the noted eligibility and expense guidelines provided may be determined by the Library Director and Board of Trustees Finance Committee.


Library personnel are responsible for providing advanced notice of travel for which reimbursement will be requested and also for completing reimbursement vouchers detailing travel dates, mileage, additional expenses, and receipts in a timely manner. The Library Director will determine that all expenses are actual, reasonable and necessary prior to approval. The Library Director will provide reference materials showing current federal per diem rates as needed. The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to the concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting library personnel regarding this policy.

Approved Date: 6/8/2017


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