Strategic Plan 2015-2020

Background: The Cobleskill Free Library Association was organized in 1920 and became a tax-supported public library in 1926. In 1937 it moved to its current location. It was granted a Provisional Charter as a School District Library by the New York State Department of Education in 1999 and was renamed The Community Library to reflect its new status. The Absolute Charter was granted in 2005. In 2006-07 the building was redesigned and renovated through community support and a bond. It is an active member of the Mohawk Valley Library System.

The Trustees of the Community Library adhere to the principles of the American Library Association’s “Freedom to Read,” the “Library Bill of Rights,” and the “Freedom to view,” and subscribe to the Association’s belief in access to all information for all users. They further endeavor to meet the standards required by the Board of Regents of the State of New York and to assist the Director and staff in meeting the needs of the public in a fiscally responsible manner.

Mission: The Community Library is dedicated to providing information, technology, and personal enrichment to everyone in our communities.

Vision: We will expand library services to better meet the changing needs of our communities.

Critical Issue: Building needs

Goal: To provide more space for children’s activities and shelving appropriate for their access.

Strategy: Director will research, review and recommend to the trustees possible changes and room uses.

Goal: To make the building more energy efficient


The Facilities committee of the Board of Trustees will get a NYSERDA energy audit with recommendations to be made to the Board. The Board will follow through on the recommendations as possible.

The Trustees will investigate the possibilities of solar energy.

Goal: To provide more space for community use and expand library capacity through the development of the annex


The board will convene a Trustee/Community group to investigate community interest in room use in the annex.

The Director and Trustees will investigate library uses for the annex space.

Develop a plan for the annex.

Identify the costs involved.

Explore avenues for funding.

Implement the plan as funds are available.

Critical Issue: Publicity / Visibility

Goal: To improve outside signage


The Facilities committee go to village Historic District Review Committee to find out possibilities for sign changes within the district.

Explore signs and costs.

Make recommendations.

Provide for new outdoor signage as funds become available.

Goal: To expand and build on our connections with other community groups.

Strategy: When trustees attend meetings with other groups provide them with information as to what is happening in the library (e.g. calendar of events cards).

Goal: To increase newspaper coverage


Have a library representative visit newspaper publisher to find out the best ways to get coverage.

Submit pictures with captions for special events…i.e. Library Week, movie day, bring your child to the library day.

Critical Issue: Programming

Goal: To get ideas and feedback from community members for programs, special events and needs of the community and community segments.


We will create a list of questions to be used to elicit useful feedback.

Have designees attend functions and meetings held at the library to ask the questions.

Collate the information for building programs and events.

Select and implement programs/events from the list.

Goal: To increase the number of people involved in programs


We will endeavor to get members of the community to increase involvement, including teens and college students, using their special gifts and abilities to produce programs.

Investigate possible resources at or through the college.

Provide support for the Director in getting new presenters involved in programs

Develop procedure for implementing new programs or events.

Implement new programs and events as feasible.

Approved: 3/12/15