In governing the selection decision making process, this policy has an impact on library users with respect to the characteristics of materials selected for use. Using the stated criteria of the policy, library staff are also guided in the selection process.

Statement of Purpose

Many factors influence the quality of fit between given materials and the library collection. Guided selection helps provide timely materials of high quality that best suit library users. Being attentive to patron needs, requests and interests is crucial to providing high quality library service.


The following criteria serve as a framework for understanding selection decisions made by the library.

Public Interest

Public interest in given subject areas or specific materials will be determined in part through review of selection aids, direct demand, real-world events and issues, and relevant market trends. Community programs may be supported through selected materials.

Accessibility to the user

Library materials may differ from materials intended for individual use in a number of ways. Considerations of format, content, intended audience, cost and other factors will inform the judgment of adequate fit for library use. The timeliness and current relevance of given items also has an effect on accessibility.

Appearance or rating in selection aids

Reviews, descriptive content and citations are among the benefits offered by common selection aids. These sources primarily represent the perspective of the booksellers’ and allied trades. Selection is informed, not dictated by review content. Primary sources include:

Library Journal Consumer review websites Forecast
Growing Minds School Library Journal Kirkus Reviews
Booklist Bestseller lists  

Professional reputation of parties contributing to the creation of the materials

The professional reputation of content creators and producers may be judged using review sources noted above, general research, consultation with colleagues, and other recommendations.

Current availability of similar material in the collection or library catalog

Duplicate copies may be selected to satisfy temporary patron demand, anticipated future use, or to provide circulating copies of items otherwise restricted to in-library use.Duplicate copies may not be retained over time.


The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy. The Library Director will maintain a listing of staff members reflecting their selection responsibilities.

Approved Date: 5/8/2014


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