Resolution Encouraging Respect for All

The Community Library Board of Trustees commends the leadership and administration of Schoharie County for promoting inclusiveness and respect. The library’s mission of providing information, technology and enrichment to everyone in the communities that we serve reflects our common goals with the Schoharie County Board of Supervisors as seen in their Resolution Encouraging Respect for All.

Our support of the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights” reflects a lasting commitment to respect of respect for diversity in the broadest of senses. Articles of Library Bill of Rights call on libraries to resist exclusion and censorship, to present all points of view, to provide equitable access, and to encourage free expression. Many of the library’s policies concerning Collection Management, Room Reservation, Exhibits, Postings, Confidentiality, and Registration among other policies and resolutions demonstrate that commitment of respect for all of our community members.

Libraries strengthen communities through celebrating diverse viewpoints, backgrounds, and encouraging free expression. We welcome our county leadership in encouraging respect for all.

Approved Date: 4/13/2017


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