This policy is intended to guide anyone who would like to provide information to the general public using the library facilities.

Statement of Purpose

Providing shared access to public information has long been held as a key service for libraries to deliver. Offering space for posting documents related to events, social services, meetings, and so on creates opportunities for everyone to grow and share as a community. Managing the offered space by way of this policy allows the library to continue providing this service in an equitable manner to all users.


The Community Library is happy to provide posting and distribution space in various areas of the library. The library staff will approve all materials; items left for distribution or posted without approval will be discarded. Postings may be of an educational, cultural, recreational or charitable nature. Materials representing commercial, political, or partisan interests will not be approved. Time-sensitive items or materials that originate from local nonprofit organizations may be given preference in placement. In order to accommodate all approved postings, the size or quantity of a display may be adjusted. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection of materials posted; posted items will be discarded following removal.


Library staff may accept materials for review and provide policy documents to interested parties. To effectively manage posting areas, staff will choose how, where, and for how long items will be displayed. Materials that fail to meet policy guidelines will be removed by library staff. The Library Director or a designee has responsibility for final review of all posted documents.

Approved Date: 7/10/2014


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