Outside Relationships

That public libraries exist is a testament to a shared ideal of collaboration. Public libraries provide materials that individuals might not obtain independently. Public libraries maintain resources that are inherently better shared than kept private. The public library brings people, resources, and services together for mutual benefit. Accordingly, the library is a cooperative organization. This section details some of the essential, long-term relationships The Community Library relies on to achieve its mission. Also discussed are affiliations that strengthen the library’s role in the community. Relationships with organizations not mentioned here may be established and dissolved in meeting short-term goals.

Here are some of the important ideals that shape and maintain these relationships:

  • Partnerships can expand available services
  • The library is unable to provide certain essential services independently
  • Collaborating with other organizations in outreach and promotion can improve access to services
  • Access to resources is enabled and services are expanded through following best practices and guidelines set by regulatory and oversight organizations.