Internet Access


Those interested in using the internet at the library are governed by this policy. This includes those accessing the internet via the public computer stations and the library’s wireless network. Library staff and administration are guided by this policy in enabling access to and use of the internet by the public.

Statement of Purpose

The internet is an expansive and essential information resource for many people. The library is proud to offer high-capacity internet access to all for their personal enrichment and information needs. This value is enabled by the management standards and restrictions outlined in this policy.


Internet access is available at public computer stations using a valid library card from either the Mohawk Valley or Southern Adirondack Library System, by purchasing a Guest Pass or by using our wireless network for portable devices. Children younger than 16 are allowed internet access if given permission by a parent or guardian. A child’s patron card will reflect parental permission. Parents are advised to monitor their children’s use of the internet.

Weekday use of library computers starts at two hours per day over a one-hour initial session and four 15 minute extensions available depending on demand. Weekend library computer use sessions begin at 30 minutes with two 15 minute extensions. Guest passes may be purchased for additional time.

The library also provides continual wireless internet access via an unsecured, public network. Wireless users are bound by the same usage guidelines as patrons using library’s computers. The library does collect anonymous data when wireless devices connect to the library’s public network.

The library’s public internet computers feature security measures that prevent changes to software. No programs can be installed by patrons on library computers. All data and files produced are destroyed at the end of a session. Personal digital storage may be used for saving and accessing files. The wireless network is publicly available and subject to risk of access to personal data and equipment.


Use of the internet-enabled public computer stations requires accepting the Internet Access Agreement, which is provided after logging in. Internet users are responsible for tracking and managing their online account login information. Assistance provided by the library in establishing or accessing accounts entails no responsibility for future access. Patrons are responsible for the cost of printing including errors.

Library staff are responsible for enabling access to the library’s computers and for providing basic assistance to users on library equipment and personally owned devices. No assistance will be available to wireless network users outside of regular library service hours.

Library computers do not automatically filter or restrict access to any website. The library does not accept responsibility for the quality or accuracy of information found online. Internet users who share information online do so at their own risk. Any computer used on library property may not be used in a manner that is discourteous or disturbing to other library users, in any way that violates the Code of Conduct or for illegal purposes.

All internet users are responsible for their conduct while online. Internet privileges may be suspended or revoked due to violations of this policy. Illegal acts involving the library’s internet connection may be subject to prosecution by local, state or federal authorities.

The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy.

Approved Date: 2/9/2012

Revised: 3/14/2012

Revised: 7/10/2015

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Internet Access Agreement

Acceptance of this agreement is required before using the public computers. Please read the following agreement:

The Internet Access policy of the Community Library is available on request.

Weekday computer use is limited to 2 hours total per day starting with 1 hour sessions; 15 minute extensions are available depending on demand. Weekend computer use sessions begin with 30 minutes to allow more patrons access. Guest passes may be purchased for additional time. Wireless network access is available at all times.

Patrons are responsible for the cost of printing including errors.

Library staff may limit computer use by any adult whose children are inadequately supervised.

Violating the Internet Access Policy may result in suspension of privileges for up to one year and further action may be taken by the library administration as a result.