Nonresident Use Policy


Patrons and taxpayers of the Community Library are affected by this policy in their access to library materials and services. Prospective patrons’ access to library materials and services are also affected.

Statement of Purpose

Taxes paid to the library directly support the services and collections provided by the library. While the library intends to broadly share its resources, some restrictions on that sharing serve to protect the interests of tax payers and enable their privileged access to the library.


Borrowing library materials and use of some library services are reserved for tax payers of the Cobleskill-Richmondville School District and near surrounding areas. Residents of areas served by a chartered library in the Mohawk Valley Library System (MVLS) and Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) are also able to borrow materials and use services at the library. Materials with high local demand may be restricted from delivery to those library systems’ service areas across NY, though pick-up of materials at The Community Library is available to all registered borrowers of MVLS and SALS.

Prospective patrons not living in the Cobleskill-Richmondville School District and near-surrounding areas may be referred to the chartered library in their area for registration and borrowing. Those living in nearby areas that aren’t served by a registered library may also register in order to borrow materials and make use of library services.


Library staff are responsible for understanding the eligible service area based on provided training. The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to the concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy.

Approved Date: 4/13/2016


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