Local Materials


This policy is intended to guide staff in selection, retention and reconsideration of materials identified as having enduring local interest. Through this policy, creators, donors, and consumers of materials with connection to the region are better able to understand the intent behind decisions made by library staff. Trustees express value in the community and its character through this policy.

Statement of Purpose

In providing library resources to the served area, collecting and preserving materials concerned with local interests offers a common reference point for and a record of the events and character of our community. Identifying and preserving significant materials of local interest allows public access to these library items in a way that highlights their value.

Policy Statement

Items covering cultural and historic issues (primarily of the central Schoharie County area), materials created by individuals residing in the region, or relating to either noted concern may receive special consideration in selection and retention in the library collection. The criteria used for selecting and retaining materials in the general collection may be applied broadly or narrowly to inform decisions regarding materials of lasting local interest. Special consideration related to frequency of use, duplicate copies, designation as non-circulating, condition, content, quality and other considerations may bear on decisions made related to this collection. Locally produced materials and those covering familiar local subjects often deserve greater attention to highlight and consider their individual merits.


The Library Director is responsible for decisions pertaining to selection, access, circulation, retention, and reconsideration of local materials. The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to concerned parties.

Approved date 5/8/2014

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