Library Safety


The Safety Policy affects the safety of patrons and staff

Statement of Purpose

This policy specifies the response of the Community Library to conditions and circumstances affecting safety in the library. Supporting a safe environment is an essential component in the achievement of its mission to provide quality of access, intellectual freedom, education and continuous learning.


A safe environment will be provided for patrons and library staff.

Patrons demonstrating behaviors that endanger safety to self, other patrons, or staff both inside the library building and on the premises may be referred to the authorities.

In emergency situations, including natural events, building equipment issues, fire events or a person’s actions that present an imminent danger, which threaten a disruption of safe library service, the library may close. Library staff will instruct patrons on how to safely exit the building. Postings and media listings will inform the general public. During emergency situations, the decision regarding closure will be made by the director in consultation with the president of the Board of Trustees.The library will be closed when the school district closes for weather related emergencies.


Library staff will act on their best judgment in managing a situation, person or group presenting a threat to safety and will be supported by their supervisor.

Approved 1/9/2014