Members of the public interested in presenting an exhibition or who are otherwise concerned with displays at the library are informed and guided by this policy. This policy provides standards for application, consideration, presentation at the library and addressing complaints.

Statement of Purpose

This policy is intended to ensure fair use of library resources and address public concerns. Though any approved display will fit the library’s mission in serving the community, some works may provoke strong responses due to their content or presentation.


The Community Library is proud to make space available to the public for artistic, cultural, or educational exhibits. Those interested in using library space for exhibits will submit a “Request for Exhibit Space”. Samples of work may accompany the form or be requested by the library. Competing requests will be honored in the order they are received.

Approved requests will be suitable for general audiences and will not disrupt regular library use. Final decisions on the arrangement may be made by the library. Descriptions of works will be near the display areas, not wall mounted.

Exhibits will be for a minimum of three months. Exhibits that aren’t prepared within three business days of the setup date may be cancelled.


The Library Director or a designee is responsible for approval. After consideration, the library will contact the exhibitor. The Library will schedule planning, setup and removal dates. Exhibitors are responsible for actual setup and removal. Items must be prepared for display in advance. Descriptive details should only be on 8.5” X 11” or smaller documents. The library may duplicate the descriptions. Exhibitors may provide contact information, though sales may not be conducted at the library.

The exhibitor is responsible for removing all exhibit materials within one week of the removal date. The library will not provide storage and may dispose of items after the removal date. The library assumes no responsibility for loss or damage of any items exhibited.

Those who object to the content of an exhibit may request and follow the Patron Complaint policy.

Approved Date: 7/10/2014


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