This policy applies to library patrons and personnel in their use of library equipment and collections when making reproductions. Copyright holders are also affected by the actions referred to in this policy.

Statement of Purpose

Maintaining access to information is an essential function of the library in providing resources to the community. Some valuable materials may not be available outside of the library; duplicating or converting the original item may be the only way to provide access. Duplication can also protect fragile or damaged materials by providing an intact copy for public use.

Patrons may wish to use materials outside of the library that would otherwise not be loaned out due to age, condition, rarity or other factors. Patrons interested in copying from protected materials can use this policy to inform their actions. This policy and relevant law provides limits to copying of most materials to preserve their value while affording public access.


Title 17, Sections 107 & 108 of the U.S. Code details the rights and responsibilities of libraries with respect to reproducing materials protected by copyright. The library reserves the right to make initial judgments on whether copying of given materials is covered under the law. For items protected by copyright, copying for noncommercial, scholarly, artistic, critical or journalistic purposes is encouraged. Limits may be placed on how much of a given work can be copied or how many copies can be made. These limits may be more restrictive for items readily available in the public marketplace.


The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy. Users intending to copy for noncommercial, scholarly, artistic, critical or journalistic purposes are welcome to use copying equipment; fees may apply. Displays kept near copying equipment will notify users that copyright law may apply. Under the law, the library bears no liability for copies made by patrons on library equipment. Individuals making or requesting copies can be held liable for infringements. The library is responsible for following Section 108 in all reproductions of library materials.

Approved Date: 8/14/2014


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