Borrowing from Other Libraries


Library patrons wishing to borrow materials owned by libraries other than the Community Library may benefit by this policy. Library staff can help borrowers understand the privileges and limitations entailed by borrowing materials from libraries with diverse borrowing policies.

Statement of Purpose

No library collection can serve the needs of all users. In seeking to provide for the information, technology and personal enrichment needs of our communities, materials that best suit those needs may sometimes be better accessed from other institutions. Additionally, most libraries’ policies for borrowing (duration of loan, fees, etc.) reflect an interest in keeping materials available to their primary patron base. Accordingly, lending to those outside of a primary patron base may be further restricted. This policy is intended to reflect the Community Library’s understanding and practice of borrowing from and lending to other libraries.


The Community Library readily lends to and borrows items designated ‘holdable’ by member libraries of the Mohawk Valley Library System and the Southern Adirondack Library System. Cooperative agreements between these two library systems provide for regular and timely delivery of materials between member libraries. Requested items found in the collections of member libraries are typically delivered in less than one business week. The Community Library will satisfy all requests for borrowing ‘holdable’ items to other libraries as readily as possible. Once at the library where a patron has requested the item be delivered, loaning policies of that library apply to the item. If the Community Library limits the quantity of items that may be borrowed at a given time and a user requests more than that limited number from other libraries to be delivered and held at the Community Library, the limit still applies. For items borrowed from institutions outside of the two noted library systems, parameters for lending periods, quantity limits, fees and more will be set by the owning institution and respected by the Community Library and its patrons.


Patrons are responsible for identifying material they would like to request and placing the requests directly through established library networks or for getting assistance from Staff in identifying materials and placing requests. Patrons requesting materials from outside of the Mohawk Valley and Southern Adirondack Library Systems may be required to pay additional postage fees required for delivery or access. The Library Director or a designee holds responsibility for providing documents related to the policy to concerned parties. The Library Director is responsible for training and supporting staff regarding this policy.

Approved Date: 3/11/2016


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